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Welcome to Cristina's Energy Center

CristinasEnergyCenter is a virtual health and lifestyle center to help you along your journey toward becoming your ideal self. Through practical information, supportive products and techniques that actually fit into your busy life you will be able to positively affect your mood, the vibe of your day and the course of your life. Through your own transformation you will bring healing, not only to yourself but, to the people in your life and to our planet.

Cristina's Energy Center is an organic global project that will continually evolve through community participation. We invite you to share and enjoy the journey.

10% of all profits go to the various charities listed on this website.

The CEC offers:
Information for a healthy and happy lifestyle. We give you techniques that help you to tap into the limitless power of your thoughts.
Supportive products. Most products you will find here are infused with healing reiki energy, energy medicine and positive intention to put you in vibration with the power to manifest your dreams.
Resources for a global community. We want to connect you to people and organizations that help individual, community and global healing. Plus, discussion forums invite everyone to share their experiences in order for us to learn from and be inspired by others. We've even set up a way to use the power of the internet for healing through State Your Intention.

Special services

  • Cristina is available for public speaking, personal appearances, energy medicine teaching/workshops and private healing sessions (men by referral only).
  • All oils sold on the CEC site can be infused with intention specifically for you. Please contact Cristina and let her know what it is you would like to focus on and what energy you would like your oils to have.
  • Please see Cristina's bio for more information about her.

Love & Thanks to... I am sending much love, light and gratitude to everyone who has helped bring Cristina's Energy Center into manifestation... which is everyone I meet, so thank you everyone! Very special thanks to fidlow design... you totally saved me! To Jamie Caro for understanding my voice, Isabelle Da Rold for understanding my vision and Tony Gill for his unconditional support, thank you guys!

Thank you to Donna Eden and my entire energy medicine crew for countless lessons in healing, living and loving. To all my energy medicine "Ginny Pigs" who unconditionally put their trust in me.

And finally, to all my guides and to Patchamama - mother earth and father universe. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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