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Contact: cristina@cristinasenergycenter.com
She works out of her NYC home and worldwide on Skype.
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Cristina Bornstein (Tina) is a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Mindful Self-Care Teacher, Reiki Master, Visualization, Meditation Guide and author of Tony&Tina Color Energy, How Color Can Transform Your Life. Beginning as young as a teenager, Tina has walked a holistic path with great curiosity. She has worked with many teachers in many modalities - Shaman, Tibetan monks, meditation masters, reiki masters and visualization and meditation specialist. The majority of her studies over the last 15 years has been with Donna Eden and many of her wonderful protégés. Energy medicine is the modality that integrated all her other studies creating a harmony of effective self-care techniques and rewarding client relationships.

Tina has hosted Vibrational Remedy Workshops all over the world, through Tony&Tina, with a focus on colortherapy, chakras, intentional visualizations and protective self-care tools. Tina is lovingly dedicated to helping others find more health, happiness and inspiration in their lives.

Tina has been working with essential oils for over 20 years. Self-taught, Tina has developed a deep intuition for creating unique and healing oil blends.

Energy Medicine...is the future of medicine...

Energy Medicine is an amazing complementary care support system and an empowering self-care tool. Our energy systems are so easily thrown off in our modern technologically driven society but the great news is that there are energy modalities to bring us back to health and happiness. Using different modalities Tina gently empowers you to tap into your inner wisdom to facilitate a deeper sense of health, happiness and inspiration. She finds clients respond very well to general balancing techniques, sometimes all we need is a bit of balance. Each session is customized for your energy and she "follows the energy" as Donna Eden would say, which allows your energy to guide the session creating a scared and safe healing space. Tina is lovingly dedicated to helping you transform old wounds, and any energetic blockage, into an opportunity to let go of what does not serve you so that you can fully walk in your power and blossom into your ideal self. Tina shares helpful self-care tools to support you long after your session.

Tina specializes in Chakra Transformations, Stress Management, and Soul Retrieval & Mindful Self-Care Empowerment.

Daily Energy Bliss

This is a free form healing style I developed myself that utilizes all the different modalities, teachings and healing experiences. I Together we I follow your energy to guide me on what your energy is needs at that time and many times I am aided by not only my guides but the clients as well. It can be an empowering to awaken your own inner physician and that is what commonly happens.

Chakra Transformations

Having worked with the chakra energy system for over 20 years it has become a passion. Our chakras hold our life stories, habit patterns and our limitless potential. There are times due to traumas we have not processed or even acknowledged that our chakras can keep us in old habit patterns if they are not cleared and balanced and this can cause limitations that are holding you back from living to your fullest potential but the fantastic news is that the chakras are one of the easiest entry points for healing on an energetic level which then beautifully transforms you in wondrous ways. Having healthy and balanced chakras clears obstacles to a happy, inspired and loving life. You shift and move forward with a new internal landscape. I have seen clients come into their full power allowing them to deepen their relationships, life purpose and most importantly self-love.

Deep Relaxation Bliss

Our world is filled with not only the usual suspects of stress such as work and relationships but also unexpected stressors due to our modern lives which are filled with EMF bombardment and even chemicals in our foods can cause our bodies to automatically go into stress mode and unfortunately most people don't even realize how stressful their lives are and how that affects their bodies health, energy and relationships.

There are many methods to achieve stress relief and with every session we honor your bodies wisdom as to how it wants to relax. True relaxation requires your energy to feel safe. Together we create a safe environment by going at a speed you are comfortable. You will walk out of any session feeling relaxed but what we want to be mindful of is how long can you stay relaxed. Tina's goal is to transform your energy to break the stress habit and to have a bag full of mindful self-care tool for you to immediately de-stress yourself.

Soul Retrieval

Using basic guided mediation and shamanic regression techniques you are gently guided back to a point in your life where due to trauma you let apart of yourself go / separate from you. The reasons this happens can be anything but the solution is to create a safe place to heal this part of you and connect with it again. This can manifest into allowing yourself to feel the innocence of trusting and enjoying life, allowing love and forgiveness, and even just feeling the gift of life.

She works out of her NYC home and worldwide on Skype.
Men by referral only, in person
Skype for everyone, men included, worldwide
Session last 1- 1˝ hour, $250.00

Mindful Self-Care Workshops

Workshop pricing depends on time, location, amount of attendees and supplies if needed.

The Mindful Self-Care Tool Bag

Mindful self-care empowers people to assess their internal wisdom and connect deeply with their inner healer. Starting with breath and movement we ready our body and mind to let go, create space and begin healing, relaxing and connecting with the full radiance of who you are. The goal is to facilitate living harmoniously with your passions and life-purpose.

You learn empowering self-care techniques such as, how to relieve stress and remain calm in stressful situations. Learn how to find clarity internally and externally. Discover how to tap into your creative gifts. Learn to deepen your relationship to yourself and others and knowing how to increase the amount of joy and love that is in your life. Having a tool bag of easy techniques to achieve all this, and more, opens you to new possibilities for who you are, can be and what your life looks and feels like.

Mindful Meditation

Tina does not adhere to one form of meditation practice. She taps into the energy of the moment and the people in the group. Always starting with the breath she gently guides you to connect with your inner light and wisdom. Unless otherwise requested, each sitting includes brief thoughtful intentions, silent reflection and active meditation.

All workshops are mindfully customized for time and content to accommodate the forum, available time and the needs of the group participants.

Colortherapy & Chakras

She actually did write the book on this Tony&Tina Color Energy; How Color Can Transform Your Life.

There are seven main energy centers, or chakras, seven layers deep, in your body. Each Chakra has seven layers and holds a life lesson. They hold our "stories" making it especially important to have an awareness of how to release old energy and how to bring radiance to these centers of energy. Clearing and balancing your chakras can truly change your life!

We all have an innate knowledge of what color energies we need on a daily basis, and make aesthetic choices accordingly. The alignment and strength of your Chakras is crucial to the electromagnetic field, or aura, that surrounds your physical body.

It is now our time to reclaim colortherapy as a tool to shape and direct the energy that is our life force. Sickness, anxiety and depression are not things that happen to us, they are of us. A misdirected or blocked energy is the catalyst to all these life-hampering conditions and the power of color can transform us into the joyful beings we deserve to be.

Our evolution has begun. We are transforming and in this workshop you will learn how to use color as a therapy and how to maintain Chakra Radiance.

Testimonials for Cristina / Tina

"Cristina knows the powerful energy behind words and intentions and gently redirects the client (in this case me) toward an inner alignment where one's beliefs and energy systems start to emerge, which allows the real healing process to begin. Cristina is down to earth and exceedingly humble yet I found her to be a powerful catalyst. There is an essential beauty in Cristina's work where she helped me discover and trust in the true nature of my own healing abilities. She did this by acknowledging the wisdom of my body with its ancient coded knowledge in my DNA. Cristina created a bridge that helped unite the energies in my body that were blocked or stagnant. As it is a cataclysmic process you never know where this work will take you. Trust is an essential partner if you are to heal yourself of any significant illness. I would recommend any time spent with her worthwhile and promise you will not be disappointed."
Michelle Lords, RN and Life Coach

"Cristina has a very unique form of energy healing. She somehow finds the root of my issues and guides me to see the larger perspective and solution. Even my therapist is happy I see her! I feel great comfort knowing she is always there for me. I could not have gotten through the last year without her."

"Cristina has become a healing tool in my life, period. We have been working together on Skype for over three years and she has created a safe place for me to work on some very complex emotional situations. My spiritual and personal growth would not be where it is without her. Cristina I am grateful you are in my life, you are a true gift and I know I tell you that after every session so I am thrilled to tell the world how gifted and special you are!"
John, Australia

"I have tried every form of healing possible and I say without doubt I have never felt anything as powerful as Cristina's healing work. I deeply trust her. I am thankful to have found her."
Jonny, UK

"I was in a very dark place when I first sought out Cristina to help me see and feel some light and love. I always leave her energy center very relaxed, both mentally and physically! After several sessions I became much more aware and grounded and in a much better place! I often find myself thinking of energy exercises, taking deep breaths and doing figure 8's if things are not going well and I always get back to being centered and less anxious!Tina's energy is simply amazing and gives me hope for a better and more enlightened existence on an everyday basis!"
Ronald Pledge, NY

"I have worked with Cristina many times and each session is more revealing than the last. I know when I'm feeling off but she gets to the root of the imbalances and straightens me right out! She intuitively knows what is needed and is a true healer, helping me leave each time with more clarity and feeling way more relaxed!"
Joanna, NYC

"I've been fortunate to experience some very exciting treatments from healers of many different modems but I can say the work Cristina does is of a superior efficiency to other disciplines. She is powerful beyond words and I have seen her change lives, she changed mine. Her healing style is future of medicine and well-being and Cristina is a true natural."
Tony Gill, NY

"As a Ph.D. of social economics part of me thought energy medicine was not a real solution for my relationship problems but traditional therapy was not working. After one session with Cristina I was a convert. Over the last two years she has transformed my life and my relationships. I feel I am a healthy person cable of healthy relationships. Thank you Cristina."
Annie, NY

"As a fan of alternative and Eastern medicine practices, I was referred to the services of Cristina Bornstein and became transformed after our first session together. After her chakra cleansing I experienced unparalleled clarity and energy. Her relaxed and compassionate personality made the session fun and very informative. I highly recommend her services and feel fortunate to be her client!"
Reyna Mastrosimone, NY

"Whenever I do energy work with Tina, I immediately feel relaxed. She has a magical way of grounding my energy that makes me feel amazing. Tina is an endless source of knowledge and she has inspired me to LOVE more and connect with my higher self. Her energy is incandescent."
Stephanie, NYC

"I have always been open to alternative (non-Western) healing modalities but was not sure what to expect with my initial Energy Medicine session. I was surprised to realize certain energy deficits and imbalances in my body and how easy it was to make corrections through regular therapy and practice. I have been on a rigorous physical strength training program with a fitness trainer and immediately following my first Energy Session, I realized a dramatic increase in my energy and the overall weight I was able to lift. I highly recommend Energy Medicine therapy for personal growth and healing. It is the perfect complement to any lifestyle and an amazing way to help you achieve your personal goals in life."
Kai, CA

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