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Honoring our earth

Honoring our earth

This planet is our home and we need to treat it with the respect it deserves. It's a living entity and I think we forget that. Earth is alive and we don't treat her very well. We can all help change this. Even if you don't have much time or money, you have your energy. As you walk down the street and pass a tree or plant, send it a friendly hello or better yet, send it some love and gratitude. I do this a lot and it feels good. The tree or plant will feel it and send it right back to you. The same will work for our planet. We need to appreciate it and show our gratitude through energy, actual physical action like taking part in environmental efforts, or by supporting people and organizations that do.

This is very interesting... when a tree or plant has been injured two things happen immediately. First, it sends off a frequency likened to a scream of pain; then, its natural healing takes over and it releases a chemical very similar to aspirin, which relieves pain. To me, this exemplifies the living experience of all non-human things.

We should treat all living things with more love and respect. It may sound weird to put so much thought into the treatment of plants but life is just that, life. Be kind to them and send love.

Be ecologically conscious!
Buy recycled products - these days it doesn't take much effort to find recycled products but if you can't buy them online and let your local store know the products you want. Encourage your employer to recycle or start a program yourself. Buy hybrid cars - it's practically obscene not to have a hybrid car. If you're building a house or re-modeling, use environmentally minded builders and materials.

Don't let anyone tell you differently - as an individual you can make a very big difference just by making ecologically-conscious choices, buying the right products and behaving in a more eco-friendly way. For resources, see environmentally conscious resources and also try the planetary healing visualization.

Ways you can help your immediate environment

At home

  • Recycle and use recycled products
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room - it conserves energy and get dimmers
  • Use power strips for all electronics, and everything else too
  • Change your air and heating filters regularly
  • Conserve water by turning off the water when you brush your teeth, fill the sink to do your dishes instead of letting the water run or if you have an energy efficient washer that can sometimes be better than washing it by hand. Also you can get a low-flow showerhead and try to shorten your showers to five minutes or less.
  • Turn down the heat. Lower your thermostat and set your water heater to 130 degrees
  • Make your home energy and water efficient and weatherize your home
  • Go-veggie!
  • Eat local organic whole foods
  • Re-use food storage containers and avoid single use containers
  • Support your local farms and buy organic when possible
  • Recycle computer supplies and use rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries
  • Choose energy-efficient appliances
  • If you have a washer/dryer at home make sure you clean the lint filter before every use, this cuts down on the energy needed
  • Get outdoor solar panels for lighting, there not expensive
  • Walk, bike or carpool

In the car

  • Keep your car tuned for better fuel efficiency
  • Keep your tires properly inflated to increase miles per gallon
  • Recycle your engine oil and car batteries (your local repair shop can to do this)
  • Get a fuel-efficient car, a hybrid, or one that uses alternative fuel
  • If waiting for someone, picking your child up at school for instance, turn the car off, don't idle
  • Walk, bike or carpool

In the office

  • Recycle office paper and cardboard and use recycled products
  • Set your computer and printer to print double sided. And, set your computer to power down when not in use
  • Send documents electronically for review
  • Re-use envelopes, folders and other office supplies when you can
  • Use washable glasses, mugs and plates
  • Organize a carpool system

In the grocery store

  • Bring your own re-useable bag to put your groceries in
  • Buy from "bulk" containers, rather than individually packaged foods
  • Buy recycled products
  • Look for products that have minimal packaging
  • Always choose organic when you have the option
  • Support local farmers
  • Ask your local representatives to support the "country of origin" law so that you have the choice to buy or not buy from a particular country

In general

  • When the bank ATM asks you if you want a receipt - just say no
  • If you are sending an invitation or announcement do it via email
  • Bring your own re-useable mug to your favorite coffee house, this cuts down on paper cup use which is a growing problem
  • Use a re-useable water bottle to carry around with you
  • Be a vegetarian or at least cut down on the meat you do eat
  • Check out Environmentally conscious resources
  • Decrease your waste in general. For instance mend your clothes instead of always buying new ones or try to buy in thrift stores when you can.
  • Try and re-use whatever you can... get creative and just be conscious.


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